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Structured document storage

The program "CerebroSQL" implemented a structured data storage. This mechanism allows you to store all relevant information centrally and in a convenient format

In the main program window: User manual

The structure of the window

List of "Parent" - root account. The top node of the tree for building
The button with the "+" - Open Database Editor to add a node "the Parent"
Tree "Tree object" - the tree of the selected parent object
List of "Owner" - the second-level node
Field "Name" - the name of the document
Check "Exported" - allow to unload record in the package when Export'e

Adding a root node "Parent"
1. Press the "+"
2. Open the database editor, go to the tab "Parent"
3. Fill in the field "Parent name"
4. Click "Save"
5. Close the database editor

Creating a node (the document)
1. From the drop-down menu "Parent" to select the root node
2.1. From the drop-down list of "Owner" to choose a new site owner
2.2 In the "Owner" enter the name of the new node
2.3 "Owner" field blank
3. Specify in the field "Name" the name of the new document (required !!!)
4. Enter the text of the new document in the main field. For text formatting is supported, as well as the addition of graphic materials
5. Save the document by clicking "Save" button

Change document
1. Select the document in the tree
2. Change the text in the document without changing the field "Owner" and "Name". Symptom "Exported" allowed to change!
3. Save the document by clicking "Save" button

Remove paper
1. Select the document in the tree
2. In the context menu, select "Delete"
3. Confirm the operation.