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UNDO usage monitoring and tuning recommendations Oracle DBMS

Drop-down list "For the last (Day)" - the number of days for which you want to display information about ORA-01555 errors. List of "List ORA-01555" fill up automatically when you select.
Number of days to show is limited to 10.

When choosing SQL_ID list "List ORA-01555" in the field "SQL Text (ORA-01555)" loaded query text.


Block "UNDO"
Contains information:

  • Name - the name of the space

  • Management - the operating mode

  • Retention - the time in seconds during which the stored blocks

  • MaxSize - the maximum amount of space datafiles

  • Allocate - the current size of the disk datafiles

  • Count datafile - number datafiles

Information is updated in the unit monitoring the core


Block "Analyzing"
To analyze the use of space to amass UNDO button "Analyzing"

The resulting data:

  • Max block [sec] - the maximum time during which the unit was in the UNDO

  • Retention [sec] - the current value retention parameter (time of "life" in block UNDO)

  • Optimal retention [sec] - optimum value retention parameter (informational, value requires an estimate!)

  • Actual size [MB] - the current size

  • Needed [MB] - required size

Table: It contains information on the number of units and their size in the UNDO in terms of their status