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Manage Oracle user sessions


To open a session management window in the DB:

  • Button on the main window [sessions]

  • Menu [Action - Sessons]

  • In Query Editor, in the tree of objects [double click on the sessions]


Session List

For more information about the session, you must select it in the list.
For a list of available sorting by columns.

For more information sessions available:

  • Opening of the session cursors

  • Request text (current)

  • Statistics

  • blocking

  • Additional information in cases where the request has more than 5 seconds (Longops)

  • The query plan

  • Using the rollback segments


For a list of available sessions 4 filters:

  • All

  • Only active

  • With SQL_ID

  • It does not belong to the database (user)


List of "Parallel session"
Displays information about processes running in parallel, execution statistics

List "Blocking TREE"
Tree of locks. The uppermost blocking session, sessions lower than expected

window buttons

1. Update the data (current sheet)
2. Open Query Editor
3. Open the "Active session"
4. End the current session (highlighted in the list)
5. Enable tracing for the selected session
6. Disable tracing for the session
If you disable the session tracing should be noted that this follow these steps:
Select the session in the list of "Eracing is enabled for" and only then disable tracing