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Monitoring backup database Oracle [using RMAN]

  • In case if the database runs in "Archivelog" mode, but it is not detected backup database metrics highlighted in red in the main window

  • In case if it is found to perform the backup, the metric begins to "blink"

Detailed information about backing up [RMAN]

Window Extended information about backing up opens when you click the mouse pointer on the metric "RMAN" in the main window

For the last - used to specify the number of days for which to display information about the backup in the list "List backup"
List backup - backups list, indicating the start date, type and status of the operation

  • f - failed (error)

  • c - completed (successfully)

  • cw - completed worning (successfully with errors)

  • r - run (in the process)

When you select an entry in the "List backup" list is loaded more information

Tab "Details" - a list of files. Displays information about files on the input (datafiles) and output (backup file) with a size and a full path
Tab "Log" - a complete log of work

Tab "Configuration" - a list of user-modified parameters RMAN works