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Log management REDO

REDO - this log file Oracle database operations, data recording in which the background process Log Writer (LGWR). Without recording the information in the transaction log can not be completed.

To control the REDO logs in Cerebro program is "REDO management"
To start it from the main program window, click DB - REDO management

Operation manager

List "REDO group list" - a list created in the database REDO log groups

  • Each entry consists of a structurally

  • "GROUP" Word

  • Group Rooms

  • Her type in square brackets: PR - Primary; ST - Standby


Block "Current activity" - information from the main monitor core (updated with each pass)

  • Number - the current group number

  • Size - size of the log

  • Time start - time to switch to the Journal

  • Switching log - mean time to work with the magazine (ie, the frequency of switching from the magazine to the magazine)

  • Generat REDO size - the amount of data generated by the database logs REDO (clickable)

Also available from the main window

View information about the group
Select the desired group in the list of "REDO group list"

Information is displayed When you select a group:
block "Information on the selected group"

  • Group - group number

  • Status - the status of the group

  • Size - Size

  • Member - number of magazines in the group

  • Time - The time to switch to this group

block "Group parameter"

  • Group number - Group number

  • Group size - size of the log

  • OMF (storage files) - a sign of the use of OMF (Information)

  • Standby group - log type, standby or local

  • Paths to files