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Editor Oracle database parameters

Configuration Editor is designed for quick setup of the base, making the necessary changes with the possibility of logging to preserve the history of changes

List of "The type of change" for the filter parameters for the type of changes, available types:




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Changing the Oracle database parameter

  • Select the parameter to change in the parameter list

  • Change the value in the "Value"

  • Specify a comment to a change in the "Note the settings in the current database" (a comment is stored in CerebroSQL program database information!)

  • Choose the method of changes in the unit "Scope"

    • Both - in memory and in the parameter file (the value applies and stores its value in the file DB parameters)

    • Memory - only memory (uses value, but does not store it in the parameter file, then restart the database will return to its original value)

    • SPFile - only in the parameter file (does not apply a value, but only stores it in the parameter file, the database will be applied after a restart)

  • Click "Apply" button to apply the parameter changes