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Oracle: Destination - configure and view

List of "Destination active list"
It contains a list of all the parameters to configure the ways in an Oracle database.
The settings made by the user or the system, highlighted "green" square, "red" - not adjusted

For parameters log_archive_dest_*
When you select an option in the list, the information loaded into the block "Destination data"
For settings standby settings filled block "Destination data [standby]"

Editing parameter destination

  • Select the desired option in the list of "Destination active list" (at the same time fill the field "Name" and "Value" block "Parameter").

  • Enter the new value in the "Value"

  • Set Scope selector to the required value

    • both - to change the value in the memory, as well as to make the information in the parameter file

    • memory - just change the value in memory

    • spfile - to save the setting in the parameter file, the value will be applied after you restart the instance

  • Save the change by pressing the "Apply" button