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Cursors opened by the sessions in an Oracle database

List "List session":

  • A list of current database sessions with the exception of system



  • SS - Sid: Serial #

  • Connect User - user name under which the session is created

  • OS User - user name and workstation which established session

  • Value - the number of open cursors currently

  • Max - the maximum possible number of open cursors for the session at the same time (the value of this field is taken from the database system parameters)

View detailed information about the session (Cursor):
In the "List session" highlight interesting session

Block "Session information"

  • Status - the current status of the session

  • Schema - username

  • OS User - user name on the workstation

  • Machine - the name of the workstation

  • Program - the program name by which the created session

  • Logon time - the creation of session

Block "Details"
Tab "Cursor"
List of all cursors created in the session.
When you double-click on the entry opens a window with extended information about the request

The tab "Statistics"
It contains information about the significance of the statistical parameters of the Oracle database session