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Version "CerebroSQL"
  • Blocked the entrance to the interface of the program without entering the password

  • When you first start the program a window appears with brief information about the program

  • Added feature to block use of the functionality of the package "diagnostics and tuning pack"

  • Base font programs Tahoma.

  • Unlocked style Windows, the interface is configured for its use

  • The Transaction window (main window, button, Transaction)

    • Added tab "Dead transaction" monitoring "dead" transactions

    • Added tab "Rollback transaction" monitoring rollback transaction

    • Added the tab "Transaction recovery by SMON" monitoring rollback transaction server process SMON

    • updating data on all the tabs or change the tabs or pressing F5

  • Added interface for Logminer

  • The query editor

    • Added window opening transaction via the main window menu

    • Added LogminerUI window is opened via the main window menu

Version "CerebroSQL"
  • Optimized main program window

  • The program monitor

    • Tab Existence added the message type

  • The query editor

    • Added procedure openlist (procedure to execute queries using the connection to the other sheet)

    • Optimized editor hints, and output of information

    • Added a new branch to the tree (for different DBMSs)

    • Added new menu items

  • Many small improvements, bug fixes, improvements and optimizations on the code and Windows program

Version "CerebroSQL"


Query editor:

  • The data in the object tree when you are working with Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL are loaded in the stream, using a separate connection, without interfering with work in the sheet (score/query).

  • Added configurable auto-completion of commands.

  • New button icons on the leaves

  • All sheets are set up to work with tabs on them

  • Added preview run scripts/commands when you click F2

(program switch to tab "Messages" and display the list of commands/queries to be performed)

  • A lot of small improvements, additions and optimizations


Version "CerebroSQL [beta]"


  • Fixed bug with saving the password database in the case of the password by some special characters.

The password in the database is now stored as a sequence of ASCII codes.
p.s.: in this version of Oracle only (table cer_oracle_list)

  • Query editor: Prompter code syntax

The mechanism is designed to tip the syntax of your code in real time
In a nutshell:
If you open the window "Help topic", typing in the query editor, the software automatically filters the list of suggestions at the prompter and when finding a topic displays the tooltip.
The window can be fixed on the top of all Windows and make translucent.
In the form of topics can be descriptions of the commands, procedures, packages, function, ... in the same window to store a direct link to the documentation page (not a required field)
The editor added the quick buttons:
Alt+1 - open the window prompter command syntax (if the highlighted word (or the cursor), the list from filtered)
Alt+9 - allow search commands in real-time
Alt+0 - to stop the search teams, recording a description of the last command in the prompter
The query editor for each sheet added editor tabs (in this version, the tabs are configured only for Oracle)
Data - grid to display data
Statistics - statistics of the query
Message - different kind of message (e.g. query execution time, description of the solution of some errors, SQL commands if there is not enough rights).
Output - displays messages from the database

  • Query editor: the Tree of tabs in the worksheet are replaced on the editor options sheet.

Size - the font size of the tab items
 use style - the Styler to use for syntax highlighting (when working with a large number of teams, it needs to be disabled)
Statistics query - display statistics, execute the query
TrimTrailingSpace - remove spaces at end of line
AutoThemeAdapt - adapt the colors under window options
DelErase - selected area is removed when printing
HiddenCaret - If True, shows the cursor (vertical line) where the cursor is.

  • The default style is replaced by a Jet

  • Scripts for marking the database (and its update) for pakowana in the exe. At start the program checks them to disk and stores them in the directory .\config\script.

Also, after updating the database in the directory .\config\script creates a file Upgrade.log detailed log of the updates

  • A query Editor, Menu - Management - Text creater

Is used to generate text by adding, at the beginning and end of the same sequence of the text, with the ability to search and replace words

Version "CerebroSQL [beta]"

  • The query editor [PostgreSQL]:

    • Modified object tree, increased the number of branches menu

    • Added support for all PostgreSQL commands

    • Added quick buttons to perform the following service transactions

  • Query editor:

    • Fixed a bug due to which after executing any of the commands in the editor no longer open prompter code

  • General:

    • Added auto import language pack default when you start the program from the folder .\Config\import (the package itself can be downloaded from the website)

    • Fixed bug when you import the package instructions

Version "CerebroSQL [beta]"


  • Of the main and most important innovations

  • Existence is divided into 2 mechanisms, system - system jobs sewn into the program; user - a custom job (in this version is locked, debug)

  • Fully optimized kernel, problems not fixed

  • The query editor - the leaves are fully formed in real-time (when switching between the leaves of the trees are not redrawn, maintain structure)

  • User job user job. The mechanism allows a few clicks to create a list of work performed, to create templates.

  • Language editor - the editor interface language

  • Data transfer mechanism transferring data between the database (including different DBMS) and loading data to the file (in this version available only SQLite -> File)

  • Expanded functionality of the "program Monitor"

  • A new compiler object status Invalid

  • Create a quick links to run programs, including transfer options

  • Many enhancements, improvements, optimizations on the code in General.

  • Well, the project is renamed, the program is now called CerebroSQL

p.s.: moved from a development model of "cheap and fast" to the model "cheap and quality".
Development of functionality will take more time, checking the work carefully, side effect, versions will appear less often, but will beta.
You need to remember that beta means that not all the features of versions available, part blocked, but everything else tested and works in the current phase is completed.

Version "Cerebro 3.6.1"


  • Remove part of the index (cer_exist .....)

  • Manually specify the pragma list at a connection to the SQLite database

  • Fixed display of the list of sessions (percentage of the total load) Active SQL window

  • Drill Process. Double-click in the window Active SQL - Session details

  • Fixed lines lights in the window Size database

  • Source description - descriptions of storage objects (database, table, view, ....)

  • Query editor - PostgreSQL support [test support]

  • Query editor - MySQL support [test support]

  • Fixed getting a list of objects in the prompter code

  • Storage of scripts: scripts texts transferred to exe, at the start of the program are checked for the presence of files in the directory \config\script\*.* and, if necessary, all the necessary files are created..

  • Tables cer_ash_database and cer_ash_sqltext transferred to a separate database [ASH.db] - storage of active sessions, resulting in real-time mode

  • Automatic database maintenance. At the start of the program is a complete database check

  • Upgraded interface (main window shows a grid view, add effects when you move the pointer, the Query Editor window, and a number of other windows)

  • Corrections, improvement, improvements, optimization


Version "Cerebro 3.6"
  • Core:

    • Added 2 metrics to monitor

    • In real time mode, the history of active sessions stored in the database [cer_ash_database] - is not recommended to directly "climb" in the above table. If necessary, the clone database in an editor and write requests to copy

    • In real time mode, together with the history of active sessions, available storage requests made in these sessions [cer_ash_sqltext]. Individual settings: Settings - Monitoring - Save SQL text

  • Existence:

    • New metric monitoring: Resize tablespace

    • New metric monitoring: Session / process

    • New metric monitoring: hit ratio library cache

    • New metric monitoring: hit ration dictionary cache

    • New metric monitoring: hit ratio block buffer cache

    • New metric monitoring: latch

    • Displays summary information about the load on the server

    • When you double-click on the database name in the log window will open a window of work existence of a generalized database monitoring information

    • Optimized logging operation

    • Monitoring of server file systems (AIX | Linux): Oracle> =

  • It improved the appearance of the main window

  • Lock switch to sleep mode when the program

  • 5 new styles

  • Redesigned and optimized appearance and "Monitor" window functionality

  • Improved appearance and functionality "Redo Management"

  • Added "Plan view" - a mechanism query plan analysis (the main window - DB - Plan view). Version of the first mechanism, does not analyze the text of the request. For correct operation of the download package from the site table cer_query_oper

  • Window File stat - added session tab (top sessions for reading from the database)

  • Destination - refined appearance of the window, added setting new destination.

  • ASM - redesigned the look and functionality of the window

  • Active session - Added History tab when viewing details on request (for a real time mode)

  • Management

    • Analyze - modernized, expanded functionality

    • Move - modernized, expanded functionality

Version "Cerebro 3.5"


  • Transfer to cross-platform storage, encrypted SQLite database

  • The acceleration of the program modules

  • Change the appearance of the form Settings

  • It changes the appearance and functionality of forms Edit Cerebro database

  • Added ability to import / export data of a number of look-up tables. These are discharged in non-encrypted SQLite database

  • Existence: Added check the date of the last backup using RMAN

  • Existence: The information is written to the database

  • Existence: Messages are written to the database

  • Server Card: Added unit - Statistics

  • Card database: on the form of the addition of a contact person added to the list before selecting individual institutions

  • Rman operation: added viewing changed parameters

  • Settings: Added database tab - Maintenance program database

  • Monitor "Cerebro": Added statistics Existence of work, with the ability to view the log messages (the current day, all)

  • Added the ability to "multi-user" with the program

  • Optimized database (logical, physical)

  • When you install a check "Save command Cerebro", all DDL for past log is stored in the database

  • The new system of storage of documents, articles, etc. (The data is stored in the database, with the possibility of import/export)

  • SQL Editor

    • Added full support for working with SQLite database, which includes all the features editor:

    • Viewing Plan (F4)

    • Aliases queries

    • View all of the data in the table (F6)

    • View table fields (Alt + F6)

    • View DDL object (Alt + F4)

    • prompter code

    • Redesigned engine parsing executable code

    • Added a translucent window with execution statistics (total number of processed lines, the current line, the status of implementation, the overall performance statistics)

    • Added built-in procedures performed in the stream (C_JOB.):

    • p.s .: procedures are divided into 2 classes, visible (available prompter code when entering C_JOB.) and background (Performing costly operations in the stream)

    • For example, for no visible Oracle procedures, while analysis is transferred into the background requests actually performed C_JOB.OPTIMIZE ( 'Query analyzed')

Version "Cerebro 3.4"

Core monitoring

  • Fixed a bug in the kernel resulting in a crash of the operating system program

  • Added metric Scheduler active

  • Modified logging system errors. Converted in turn, is divided into two process

  • Added metric Scheduler_failed (clickable)

  • Improved mode Real-time (load monitoring in real time - without the use of Active Session History))

p.s .: recommended mode! To start, in the settings:

  • Tab Monitoring:

    • Remove the check Automatically

    • Install check Use mode real time


  • Main window

    • Active sessions - clickable, open sessions with the included filter box only to "active"

    • Total sessions - clickable, opens a window with the sessions included only the filter "All the sessions"

    • RMAN - in cases of determining status as 'COMPLETED WITH WARNINGS' metric will flash indicating the need to check the log.

    • Metrics OMF

      • DATA - clickable, will open the database parameter changes the window for changing the setting db_create_file_dest

      • REDO - clickable, will open the database parameter changes the window for changing the setting db_create_online_log_dest_1

    • The UNDO (1555 ...) - clickable, will open a window extended information about the rollback segments (formerly known as ORA-01555 :)

    • Job active - clickable only in cases of non-zero value, the window information about an active job (Job)

    • Scheduler active - clickable, will open information about jobs run error window (scheduler)

    • PGA ... .. - clickable, PGA distribution of resources between the processes

    • Reorder Items window.

  • Menu (Action)

    • Registry - the version information and the status of the database components

    • Program SQL - List of static engine queries (not complete!)

    • Scripts - a list of custom scripts

  • Card server - server card contains basic information about the server (technical) installed version of the Oracle, wheels (dimensions), users, list of running scripts, as well as a list of the Placing bases.

  • Detailed documentation

  • Card database - a database card contains basic information about Placing databases, the list of users in institutions database (if necessary), contacts, as well as a list of available drives for the database server.

  • Detailed documentation

  • Preferences

    • Updated appearance

    • Added tab of the DB - Database Management Cerebro

    • Added tab Style - customize the appearance of the program

    • Change the font size (for a number of text components of the program, as well as the query editor) - is not saved!

    • Changing the color of text in the query editor (as well as prompter code)

  • Log

    • Added tab Current SQL deduces the current request made program

  • Monitor "Cerebro"

    • Change the appearance of


    • Changed the look, add new filters, the form can be called from the query editor (in the header of the window indicates the current connection information)

  • Session

    • Changed the look, add filters, the form can be called from the query editor (in the header of the window indicates the current connection information)

    • When the tracing session Eracing ... window displays information about an instance

  • Active SQL

    • On SQL Monitoring crease added filter "Cerebro"

  • Parameter edit

    • Completely change the look of the window, refined functionality.

    • Added manually specify the scope parameter

    • When changing the parameter values, you can add a comment to be stored in the database Cerebro.

  • Error log

    • Added tab queue

  • Size database

    • Completely redesigned interface window.

    • Change the following options are available for the tablespace:

    • PERMANENT - Status, logging, Force

    • UNDO - status, retention

    • TEMPORARY - status

    • Datafile -status

  • Destination

    • To update the look of the window


  • UNDO (1555:)

    • Updated the appearance of the window

    • Added a filter to display data for the last n days (up to 10)

    • Added information about UNDO space (statistics)

    • Added the analyst:

    • The optimal size, optimal value retention, structure

  • TOP Wait event

    • All entries in the clickable box if the comment is not open window of adding a comment

  • SQL Editor

    • Updated the appearance of the controls

    • Changed the structure editor

    • Added menu

    • Added support for command "connect <UserName>/<Password>@<Alias>" directly in the editor

    • Create buttons (remove) sheets on a separate panel to the right. The panel is fixed

    • Monitoring the Information Bar, as well as a list of scripts hidden (parameter settings)

    • You can set up connections moved to the right pane

    • The object tree is divided into 2 branches

    • Schema - schema objects

    • Added viewers for a number of objects

    • For groups of objects added code generation of all objects

    • A new viewer for tables

    • A new viewer for the directory (with the ability to create new and issuing privileges)

    • Added new context for me at different levels of the tree

    • PUBLIC - Management

    • Parameter - a list of database options, with the ability to edit them (context menu)

    • TABLESPACE - a list of the database table spaces. Available context menu View

    • USER - menu item was added to Edit - edit user settings, as well as view the issued rights held by circuit segments

    • SESSION - call session window

    • TOP SQL - call TOP SQL window

    • By double-clicking the selected word is highlighted

    • Quickly retrieve all the records in the table (view) - highlight the name of the table (set the cursor) and press F6

    • Quickly retrieve the columns of the table (view) - highlight the name of the table (set the cursor) and press Alt + F6

    • Creating an alias for the query entered in the editor - highlight the query test and press Ctrl + W

    • Display the properties of the table - to select a table name in the editor (set the cursor) and press Ctrl + G

    • Display object code - select the object and press Ctrl + F4

    • Search History. All requests made in the editor are saved in the internal storage performance statistics.

    • The timer request from the editor moved to tab

    • Added a new window opening files. Added a filter to find the desired file content


  • Proposals

    • Added a menu tree for fixed plans available 2 points:

    • Enable - to enable the plan

    • Disable - disable plan