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Oracle database parameters whose values are monitored program

The program "CerebroSQL" sold 2 monitoring mechanism (collecting, collating and analyzing) information about the database:

  • Kernel

  • Existence


kernel monitoring

The main mechanism for collecting detailed information on the database.
When you connect to the database from the main program window, the core of "requests" of the mainstream detailed information necessary to analyze the condition of the base (41 runs a request [job]).

Full list of tasks is performed only when connected to a database, run 35 subsequently.
If an error occurs when you run a query in the list of "Job monitoring configure" removed a check indicating the disconnect setting (Settings - Tab "Jobs").
Also on the list are allowed to manually disable the job by removing the check!

By default, the data collection is started every 15 seconds. During operation of the data collection cycle, switching to another job database is not possible.

Setting "Free space in tablespace"
Gathering information about the free space in the table space can be carried out in two modes:

  • using the representation dba_free_spases

  • not using the representation dba_free_spases

For details, see "Settings"