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The program monitor

Tab "Core"

Info on "kernel monitoring", information about work tasks, as well as information about the status of connections

  • Status: [stop | run | completed] - the current state of core data collection on the database

  • Job: [<Name>] - the name of the job data collection

  • Starts - the number of times the collection of data on load

  • Time start ... - start time of the latest data collection jobs

  • End Time: ... - time of completion of the last job

  • Connect # 1 and # 2 - the state of database connections to support the work of the program

  • Connect # 3 - connection state to collect information about the load in real time

  • Connect the DB - connection status database CeraDB.db


Button "Shut off" to stop the monitoring processes.
p.s.: is used when editing parameters NLS_LANG environment variables (ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE, TNS_ADMIN), without stopping the monitoring process to make changes to settings are not possible!


Button "Reconnect" - perconnection to the database program [CeraDB.db]

The list of "Current performance" - time performance data is collected for each metric during the last execution of the check monitoring system of the kernel

The list of "The first pass" - run time for data collection in Full mode (first DB connection monitoring in this session)

Tab "Existence"

Information on the work of the mechanism of "Existence" - monitoring systems-databases, gathering information on metrics and analysis.

Block "Statistics"

The block contains a number of performance statistics for the mechanism of "Existence":

  • Status - the current status of the engine (on, off, running)

  • Enable Count - the number of databases are configured with tasks

  • Disable Count - the number of bases for which are not configured job monitoring

  • Message Count [All] - only messages* from "Existence"; Distinct - a unique show for all time

            p.s.: messages are errors and violations of the conditions embedded in the job "Existence"

  • Count mesage [day] - number of messages from "Existence" for the current day; Distinct to show unique for the current day


Block "Parameter"

The block contains information on some of the settings of tasks in the run interval and the limits under which the trigger occurs outputting a message about free space in Tablespace and ASM
* data copied due to the fact that the setting of interval running in the main window of the program, and limits are set on the tab "Existence" in the program settings



  • All message - list all messages from "Existence" after the last task execution

  • Tablespace - a list of messages from jobs relying free space in table spaces

  • Storege - a list of messages job reviewer free space on the file system (for configuration, see "Monitoring storage")

  • Resize TS - list of messages job checking on the number of days on which enough free space in table space at the current rate of filling

  • ASM - list of messages job reviewer free space in ASM (for parameter settings is triggered, see program settings tab is "Existence")

  • Backup - a list of messages job checks the date of the backup DB using RMAN

  • Standby - list of messages job checking the logs to roll forward Standby database (data is taken from the primary the database)

  • Session/Process - list of messages job relying the current number of sessions and processes database (the job monitors whether the data exceed the values of 80% of the maximum allowed in the database settings)

  • Buffer - the message from the relying interest "hits" for buffers in the database

  • Core - messages about critical errors will be intercepted when starting jobs. These include: inaccessibility of the database, the unavailability of the listener, are forced to terminate the task from the database, etc.

  • Time job - trace the execution time of each task on each of the bases

  • Time - trace of time of each of tasks including technical and preparatory operations

Tab "Existence error"

Error starting stream "Existence"


Tab "Operation"

Tab to display information about the work of "managers" to carry out tasks.

In version 3.7 this tab traced information on the following "managers":

  • Compile invalid

  • Data transfer

  • Move

Stop the execution of the tasks of the managers is not possible for them stop use the context menu -"Stop"
p.s.: the job end not "hard", the program sends a command to the process perform at its completion, while pressing the state of the process in the list "operation history" to stop.

Check "Not from logging operations"
Check is used to block output of information in sheet "Operation history".

p.s.: It is worth remembering that during the installation check as the information is not displayed on completion of the implementation process, including the compulsory completion of the process

Tab "Rebuild"

Outdated gear Manager work with indexes in the current version is not supported, is obsolete and will be replaced


Tab "Session info"

Information about the system monitoring active sessions (load the database) in the "Real-time"

Tab "Constraint"

Information about exceeding the allowable values of the parameters monitored-monitoring.
To disable triggers messages:

  • To open the program settings

  • Go to the tab "Messages"

  • Remove the checks next to the messages which will disable

The message is a record structure:

  • Time commit messages

  • The name of the module (for kernel monitoring: CM-001)

  • MessageID

  • The text of the message

  • Comment