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Menu - Exec

Menu is used to create a list of connections to servers families Linux|AIX ssh protocol using Putty third-party program, as well as the creation of rapid buttons to launch any software, including support for start-up parameters.


  • Link

  • Putty

  • Putty [no connect]

  • Conf [Putty]

  • Conf [Link]


Link - a list of saved links to run programs
Putty - List of saved connections to servers using Putty
Putty [no connect] - run the Putty to manually specify the connection settings

Conf [Link] - open the editor of links to external programs.
The mechanism used to generate a list of frequently used programs in one place for quick start-up with the necessary parameters.

Create link

Fill in the fields:

  • Alias - the name of the menu, a unique value. When you try to save a new record with the alias used by the old entry will be overwritten, a required field.

  • Program name - name of the program (information) required field.

  • Exe path - full path to the executable file (exe), a required field.

  • Exec command - list of program startup parameters (if the program supports startup keys) is not a required field.

  • Save - save the link.

Conf [Putty] - open the editor connections to servers family Linux|AIX using Putty

Create a new connection

Fill in the fields:

  • Connect alias - alias connection, a unique value

  • Server IP - IP address of the server

  • DNS name server - server domain name (the information)

  • User connect - the user name under which to connect to the server

  • User passwd - user password (optional)

  • Key private file - path to the private key file