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Program menu - Action


Transaction [count transaction database Oracle]

Viewing the information (quantitative terms) on the transaction in the database for the current year, a grouping by:

  • For the full year

  • Broken down by month

  • Broken down by day

Top SQL [Top query database Oracle]

View the Top queries for maximum utilization of the database resources.
Filter [Top type]:

  • The use of buffer

  • Physical readings

  • The number of executions

  • Parsing

  • Memory usage

  • The number of versions

The procedure for the use

  • From the list of "Top type" choose the type of sorting

  • In the field "Number of displayed rows" specify the number of output lines

  • Press the "Refresh" button

To view information about the query (query text, query plan, SQL_ID), highlight it in the "List query"

Button "Analyze" is designed to transmit the text of a query in "Query analyzer"
To view the recommendations for optimization of the selected query switch to tab "Recommendation" (recommendation generated using the DBMS_SQLTUNE package)

Button "Save" recommendations on query optimization in a disk file (the file is saved in the tmp folder of the directory with the program)


See "Sessions"

Active SQL

See "Active SQL"


Fixed viewing query plans
The window has 2 tabs: proposals - recommendations (created using the dbms_sqltune package in the query editor) and SQL Profile - a record of plans

The list of fixed plans -  a context menu through which plans can be turned on/off


View data adviser - best practices to manage the available memory:

  • PGA

  • Cache

  • Memory (in case of use configuration parameter memory_target)


See "Tablespace"


See "FileStats"


Detailed information on the use of memory allocation, the buffers size

Tab unit "Parameter and statistics"

  • Parameter - the parameter list with the values having direct relationship to memory

  • SGAINFO - information about memory allocations in the SGA

  • SGASTAT - memory usage statistics in the SGA

  • PGASTAT - memory usage statistics in the PGA


View log the DB (Alert.log
Available in 4 parameter data loading from the log database:

  • Full data - the entire log

  • Ora only - only errors collection ORA -.....

  • Select the last n records

  • Date between - data for a certain period of time

AWR [Automatic Workload Repository]

The window for generating and viewing AWR reports (in the case of use  "Diagnostics and Tuning Pack")

To generate the report, you should select the intervals for which to generate the report (field "End_ID" and "Start_ID") and press "Load"
The generated report is saved by default in a file on disk (.\tmp) and in the database (table "cer_db_awr").
Viewing reports saved in the program:

  • Install check "All database"

  • Choose from the drop down "Database" list the name of the database



The version and status of the registered components of the Oracle database

Program SQL

A list of static queries used by the program to retrieve the data (not full!)

Storage custom scripts

List User / Password
One password storage

Tab "Password list"
Designed for storing and viewing passwords for different systems and services.

Fill in the required fields:

  • Alias - a unique identifier

  • System name - the name of the system/server/...

  • User - the name

  • Password - password

If necessary, add a comment in the box "Comment"
Save the change.

In cases when the Alias Set existing, line in the database will be overwritten without saving the original.

Tab "Saved password"
List of all the saved logins and passwords

Feature usage
Usage statistics database options Oracle