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In the "CerebroSQL" implemented a set of mechanisms called "Managers". They serve to automate tasks, generate the required code, view object properties when working with the Oracle DBMS.

Version 3.7 has the following managers:

  • REDO manager - to work with REDO logs

  • Tablespace | Datafile manager - to work with tablespaces | datafile

  • Invalid manager - to work with the database objects in the status "Invalid"

  • Analyze manager - for managing the statistics database

  • Index manager - to work with DB indexes

  • Move manager - to migrate objects in the database

Version 3.7 includes the following Analytics:

  • The UNDO - tool in the analysis of the use of UNDO space, recommendations for changing parameter values and its extensions

  • Tablespace - analysis of space usage, recommendations for the expansion of space

  • User report - user reports