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Logminer - a mechanism to view information in the archived database logs

The field "Archivelog directory" is designed to enter manually (select from dropdown list) directory on the server that contains the archived logs of the database.
When opening the list performs a query for information in the directories is registered in the database settings.
After you fill in/select the path to the folder in the "Archivelog directory", click "Load list files".
The program will execute an anonymous block to retrieve a list of files in the selected directory and subdirectories

View information
To view information in the logs, you must list "The list of files in the directory" stamped on the checks against the desired log and click "Show data" (queries). The text of all queries made by the program at this stage are displayed on the tab "Script".
Button "END_LOGMNR" serves to complete the Logminer session

Important: the final query to display information in the grid is first formed on the tab "Query", after it is copied and executed. This feature is introduced for independent input requests for information. The request from the tab "Query" is executed when you click "Reopen query".
To filter information in the grid is the field "Search...", in this field enter the text to search for with the branch and pressing the "Enter" button, the grid displays the rows with the search text highlighting found text