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Editor interface language

Interface Language Editor - Allows the user to translate it into any language. The program does not check the input data, which opens the full scope for creativity

Open the editor you can from the main window menu

or from the program settings: tab "General", the unit "Language"

Working with language editor

Loading the default language [source dataset]
Along with the program comes with two sets of interface languages:

  • DEFAULT - English [Default Language] - DEFAULT.lng

  • DEFAULT_RUS - Russian - DEFAULT_RUS.lng

The package consists of a SQLite database file containing a table with a single language. By default, the package password is 221122 and the encryption mode "aes-256"

Packages for download are located in the directory ".\Config\import\"
To activate the edit function, you must download the package "DEFAULT", for this:
In the "Language editor" click "Management" and in the dropdown menu, select "Import"

To download the package click on the "..." button and select the file DEFAULT.lng from the directory ".\Config\Import\"

After selecting the package, the program checks its contents, displaying the message in the box "Log", in case the packet correctness, as a warning is displayed: Startup language, the database data is overwritten !!! In cases where the source language to the database you want to save, you must enter the new name of the language in the "New language name"

Before downloading data from a package, its contents can be viewed:

To import the data into the database click the "Apply" button in the window "Import | Export language"

The message "Language ..... loaded" indicates data loading correctness.

Creating a new language

In the "Language editor" from the drop down list of "Language name" in the left pane, select the language of "DEFAULT"

  • In the block "Parameter list" displayed parameter list storing the value of language.
    The record structure: [<internal code of the module {1}>] <parameter name> {2} (<serial number> {3})
    1 - ALL FORM code - for all windows
    Other codes can be found in the database visual editor.
    2 - Consists of <element type> <original name>
    3 - Serial number in the subgroup

  • Select any entry in the block "Parameter list"

  • Enter the new name of the language in the "Lang name"

  • Enter a new value in the field "Lang text"

  • Comment at will in the "Comment"

  • Click the "Save" button

Select the drop-down list of "Language name" the name of the new language

In the block "Parameter list" displayed list of variables for the new language at the same time:
In the variables whose values are not available for the selected language displays a red square, and variables whose values are entered, the green
The program does not require filling in values for all variables are allowed to fill in any number!

"Delete" button to delete the values of a variable for a language other than "DEFAULT", destruction of its values is prohibited.

Export language

Press the "Management" and in the dropdown menu, select "Export"

Select a language from the drop-down menu "Language name"
Click "Apply" button
By default, the package is formed in the folder ".\Config\Export" and what is reported in the unit "Log"

The use of language

Open the application settings, go to the "General" tab, and in the block "Language" drop-down list to select the desired language