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Errors ORA -..... | program posts

The program "CerebroSQL" posts are written in:

  • log file

  • Error manager/error descriptions ORA -..... (Oracle error)

  • cer_error_program

  • A pop-up window to the system tray


1. Log
System log - program messages, errors, exceptions

Current SQL - the current request (executable program modules, including to its own database)

Command list - commands to the database made in the modules of the program (see the settings)

2. The error manager/error descriptions ORA -.....

Tab "Ora"
When intercepting the error ORA-..... in the modules of the program, the code is sent to the list of "Sheet ora"
List Contains Only the unique error identifiers that serves as a prompter to determine ways to repair.
When you click on an error from the table "cer_ora_err" loaded its complete description and recommendations for corrective

Available options "corrective recommendations [unit Correction]"
To do this, make a change in the "Correction" and click "Save" button