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Existence - monitor Oracle databases

Existence is a mechanism designed to check the availability (status) of an unlimited number of databases, gathering information about the state of the main parameters of the DB Oracle collation and analysis.

Starting with version 3.7 Existence is divided into 2 independent mechanism

  • System - contains a set of system jobs, editing, deleting, which is not possible

  • User - user jobs, allowing flexible way to configure the control, data



System jobs, list of jobs sewn up in the program, their modification, deletion not possible

Setup tasks for databases

Open settings existence by clicking on the "Configure" button

In the list of "Connection list" displays a list of all connections configured in the program.
Red square left of the name indicates no configured jobs.
The entry consists of: <connection name (TNSName)> - <job number> [<comment connection>]



  • Highlight the connection in the tree "Connection list"

  • Specify the server name in field "Server name"

  • In the "Job list" to put necessary checks

  • Click the "Save" button

The message "Data saved" speaks of the success of the operation, in the "Connection list" icon to become green
Also in the main window on the tab "Existence" in the "List database" displays information about the connections configured for use in your Existence

When you select the connection in the "Database list" in the box "Database job list" displays the list of jobs configured for the connection

On | Off

On- switch "[SYSTEM]" to Start
Off - switch "[SYSTEM]" to Stop


In the process of gathering and analyzing the information obtained, the mechanism interacts with the user in the following ways:

  • Information in the main window on the tab "[SYSTEM]"