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Manage connections with the database Oracle

Settings - Connection
Create connections
  • To select in the list "List connect" the string "New":

    • In the "Create connection" fill in the fields

      • Alias - alias of the block from TNSNAMES.ora or block description

      • Login - the username under which the connection is

      • Password - the password of the user

      • Mode - the mode of connection (SYSDBA, SYSOPER,...)

    • or set Check "OSAuthent" - to connect to a database under the OS user

    • Install check "Using existence" is used to enable the use of a connection mechanism of "existence"

    • Choose the color of the tabs for query editor in the "Color page

    • To add a comment in the "Comment" (the information)

    • Add a block of TNS in the field "TNS Block"

  • Save the connection by clicking the"Save" button


The "Test"Button

Button to test the connection to the database on the specified parameters


Button "Test All"
  • Testing of all connections stored in the program ("list saved connect")

  • Click on the button "Test All"

  • In the opened window click "Test" (note: testing is in the main thread!!!)

Confirm start of testing

To remove the connection test which fails:

  • To assign the checks to the left of them,

  • Click the "Delete"button

  • Confirm the deletion (connections will be permanently deleted from table cer_oracle_list)

Delete previously saved connections:

  • In the "list connect" to highlight the link

  • In the context menu select "Delete"

  • Confirm the deletion


2. The query editor

The section "Query editor"