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Recompile objects are in the status "Invalid" in the database Oracle

To open the Manager to compile the objects with the status "Invalid" is possible in the following ways:

  • The program's main window, the link is "Invalid"

  • The main program window, the menu "DB", - "Compile invalid"

  • The query editor, object tree, branch "PUBLIC"-"INVALID", the menu "Compile manager"

Manager window: structure window

Invalid object Tree - the object tree with the status "INVALID" (expanding the tree by double-clicking). 

  • The root nodes of the tree are the names of the schemes with the number of objects with status invalid

  • The child tree nodes of the first level - the types of objects, number of objects with status invalid

  • The child nodes of the second level - the names of the objects

    • When you click on the object with the status of a disabled person with a jammed key "Ctrl" in the field "Code invalid object" loaded code for the selected object, and in the table "Error list" error list

Tab "Invalid"

Object Code is a text field, click to edit the database objects and bug fixes
Error list - the error list in the selected object of the database

The tab "Error list" - the list of all errors in the code, with the ability to filter

  • The drop-down list "Owner" - the list of schema objects with the status "Invalid"

  • The drop-down list "Type" object types with the status "Invalid"

After selecting the values in each of the filters, it populates the "Error list"
p.s.: filters can complement each other, first select the filter "Owner"

The "SQL" tab - a list of SQL commands executed by the program in cases to start the process of recompiling

Using the Manager

1.1 Massive recompilation of the objects

  • To clear a field "Code invalid object"clicking on the cart in the header, if the block is not empty

  • Tree "Tree invalid object" stamped jackdaws next to the objects for which you want to perform the recompilation

  • Click "Compile"

1.2 Recompiling a single object

  • Tree "Tree invalid object" click the left mouse button on the name of the object with a jammed key "Ctrl"

  • In the field "Code invalid object" to make a correction, going to lines with errors by double clicking on the error text in the list "Error list"

Important!!! The text "Create or replace" is added automatically, without checking for its presence. 

  • Fix errors and press "Compile"


Log and stop the process

After starting the process of recompiling objects with the status "Invalid", the window elements are blocked, impede the re-launch.
Information about the current process status is sent to "Monitor "CerebroSQL""