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Activity monitor queries/commands (wait)

"Active SQL" window provides a single load analysis centered on the database query operation, and their tuning and optimization.

Tab "SQL activity"
Displays information about the long-running requests (over 5 seconds)

Structurally it comprises:

  • Session list - a list of the sessions in which requests are made for a long time

  • Query text - the text of the request, the information is displayed when you select the session in the list of "Session list"

  • Details - detailed information about the session and request it satisfies


Tab "Wait database"

Displays information about the load on the database, expectations, processes contributing the maximum contribution to the consumption of resources

To view information about the load, press and release the slider below the chart (if necessary, move to the side)

View detailed information about the request

To view detailed information about the query, double-click the left mouse button on the desired line in the list of "SQL details"

Tab "Details"
The window displays:

  • Query text (full)

  • Query execution plan

  • Events expectations arising during the execution of the request

  • Information sessions in which the request is carried out in the selected period

  • The values of variables with the database being queried


Tab "History"
History execute the selected query (for SQL_ID). The data are taken from the Cerebro program database, this information is collected in the Real-time mode!

View information on sessions

To view detailed information on all requests made in the set amount of time process, double-click the left mouse button on an interesting session in the list of "Session details"

The structure window consists of:

  • Sid

  • Serial #

  • User

  • logon time

  • OS User

  • Machine

  • Program

  • Time data

List "SQL_ID" - process execution request

When you click on an entry in the list, the query text is loaded, and also displays a list of expectations encountered in its implementation

When you switch to the tab "<>" on the "Plan [Server]" tab query plan is extracted from the database

Information about the expectations for the selected period

In the block "event" displays information on all the sessions of the expectations for the selected period (in CPU units).
Double-clicking on standby waiting opens description. In the description of the available editing expectations.

Tab "SQL Monitoring"

This tab displays the data in the built-in query performance monitoring Oracle

Switch "Type"
Displays either all requests or long-running queries Cerebro program (switch added to optimize the program requests if necessary)

The list of requests with the status and start time
Clicking on a row in the list of queries on the Report tab of the report is displayed on the selected request

When you switch to the tab "Analyze" report is created by the query optimization recommendations. To create a report using DBMS_SQLTUNE