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This is a free for any use project aimed at optimizing the work of administrators / developers with different DBMS.

The goal of the project is to create a simple, convenient and productive mechanism for managing the life cycle of a DBMS, code.

[Oracle Database Performance Monitoring]

The show in the one display on it the  of 41 parameters of the DBMS operation makes it possible to quickly and accurately determine the bottleneck in the database performance. A full-fledged ASH Viewer that works without using the data of the “Oracle Diagnostics Pack” allows analyzing the work of any versions and editions of the Oracle DBMS reducing the cost of support and maintenance.

[SQL Query Editor]

Intuitive, fast, convenient multi-session query editor, supporting work with different DBMS simultaneously: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL and SQLite databases. The editor is optimized for the needs of the "DBMS Administrators":  alice the query, a report on the state of the database, the full history of the executed command, as well as support for all basic functions, allows you to optimize the work



It is used to collect, systematize and analyze the state of the main parameters, and to monitor the availability of an unlimited number of Oracle databases. The mechanism collects and analyzes the state of the basic parameters of the database operation (current load, Standby state, backup using RMAN, free space in tablespaces and in ASM)


[Information store]

Allows centralized in a convenient format to store: Description server description database (parameters, responsible users ...), passwords, AWR reports, queries executed in the query editor, DDL database objects, links to quickly connect to the server via Putty, links to quickly run programs in keys, any documents, scripts