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The program is unifying into one system of performance monitoring of Oracle databases, a mechanism for tracking the state of the database (availability and key metrics of work), multisession editor queries (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, and SQLite databases), a structured repository of information (documents, scripts, instructions, accounting system resources).


[DBMS Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL and database SQLite]

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Intuitive, fast and convenient multi-session a query editor that enables you to work with different databases in parallel. Thanks to the support of such functions as aliases of queries, custom reports, view query plans and the database state, hint editor allows you to perform the job quickly and efficiently. 
The editor supports Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite databases


Monitoring Oracle database

Monitoring system: used for collecting, systematization and analysis of 41 parameter database operating Oracle. Thanks to the combination of the two ways of collecting data on load [ASH (Active Session History) and Real-time (real-time, without the use of "Oracle Diagnostics Pack")], the program is suitable for monitoring all Oracle database editions (Enterprise, Standard, Express).

Existence: Is the collection, collation and analysis, availability monitoring unlimited number of Oracle databases. The mechanism collects and analyzes the state of the main working parameters of the database (the current load status of Standby, backup using RMAN and free space in tablespaces and ASM)


The information store


  • Documents

  • Instructions

  • Scripts

  • Descriptions of servers

  • Description of the base

  • The allocation of resources

  • AWR reports

  • History of executed queries

All in one place and always at hand!